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Spring has begun to welcome the daffodils.  Freshness of a new garden, or the same garden recreated, carries with it anticipation.  Boys and girls admire their bikes, search for their leather baseball mitts, and begin making plans for summer camp and family vacations.  With spring, there is no doubt, the past is spent, and the future has no restrictions – totally boundless.

Over the past month, I have improved the appearance and the accessibility of my blog.  From January 1, of this year, each month, my WordPress.com blog has generated exciting statistics.  Every month the number of visitors to my blog has tripled.  Based on these statistics, my blog should reach four-digit totals for the month of April.

My blog’s fresh new look offers more option.  In addition to the interesting and always insightful articles, visit the “About” tab to learn what makes author Dane Allen Ladwig tick.

The “Contest” tab will offer you monthly opportunities to enter giveaway fun and exciting contests – who doesn’t love free stuff, the best part is to win all you have to do is visit my blog (coming soon, so check back often and do not miss out on the opportunity to win prizes such as free books and gift cards).

Click the “Current Projects” tab and find out what exciting new manuscript author Dane Allen Ladwig is currently putting together – come along for the ride – you will receive exclusive inside views, snippets, and excerpts from his current project.

The “My Idiosyncrasies” tab, takes you into the private word of author Dane Allen Ladwig – his, traits, oddities, quirks, peculiarities, likes, and dislikes.  Find out what annoys him.  What was he like as a child?  What was the first book he ever read?  The answer to these and many more questions are answered.

“Why I Write” is an insightful step back in time.  Author Dane Allen Ladwig shares his personal passion, plight, and struggles as a writer.

In addition to the pages on the blog, the sidebar offers a “Blog Post Calendar”, follow Author Dane Allen Ladwig’s blog via the “RSS – feed” link, enter your email address in the “Follow blog via e-mail” link and you will receive timely updates about new blog post and upcoming contests – don’t miss this one!  On the sidebar you can easily “Like My ‘Fan Page’ on Facebook” where you will also receive timely updates about new blog post and upcoming contest – don’t miss the contests. For your reading pleasure you can scroll the “Click on a Post For a Good Read” column and be instantly connected to one of author Dane Allen Ladwig’s previous blog articles.

Remember, your comments and replies to the blog articles are welcomed, and there is an available option at the conclusion of each article for comments.  There is also a “Rate this:” option at the conclusion of each article, which helps author Dane Allen Ladwig gauge his audiences (you, the reader) response to articles. There is also an option to “Share this:” (the blog), which is encouraged and appreciated, but it must be shared in its entirety giving the author credit for his work (avoid plagiarism, the blog and the articles are registered and protected under copywriters laws).

Enjoy the blog.  Check back often as the articles are updated frequently.  Tell your friends and share the blog. Don’t forget, the free giveaway contest requires only a moment of your time each day, and will be worthwhile – it’s free!

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