My Idiosyncrasies

This page offers a unique inside view into the mind and the life of Author Dane Ladwig

  • The obvious; I love writing; I have a passion for the written word.
  • Although I am not the best when it comes to punctuation, I really dislike incorrect grammar when use by so-called educated people and public figures (“ur” is not a word!).
  • I really enjoy nature. I hate big cities and crowds.
  • Open-mouthed chewing annoys the heck out of me.
  •  I have operated cars, motorcycles, semi-trucks, airplanes, boats, and flown kites.
  • I love sports. Fishing is not a sport it is a leisurely pleasure.
  • Not all women are created equal.
  • Children; I have many.
  • I have owned dogs, cats, a tarantula, a boa constrictor, many fish, and a monitor.
  • Dogs are the only animals with personality.
  • I collect classic first edition rare books.
  • As a child, I collected stamps from around the world.
  • I play thirteen musical instruments.
  • People have little to no control of how they physically look, a person can only do so much with what God has provided them with, but they have full control of who they are and how others see them.
  • Until finding my niche in as a writer, I was a Jack of all Trades Master of None.
  • I love the roar of my Harley and the experience of riding the open road.
  • Music is God’s gift to humanity, His mode of connection to our souls.
  • Owned my first gun when I was eight years old, a .22 caliber Ruger, semi-automatic hunting rifle. What were my parents thinking?
  • I never cease thinking – morning, noon, night, even while asleep I think.
  • I enjoy watching television, but only a good movie or sports. I hate commercials.
  • Idiocracy is growing in our society; respect is diminishing.
  • It takes me 8:02 to shave, shower and dress.
  • 8:02 the recorded length of Led Zepplin’s number one hit; Stairway to Heaven
  • I am a two-finger typist.
  • I dropped out of school in the tenth grade, emotionally I dropped out in the second grade, went back to school later in life and after the age of fifty, I graduated college and now hold degrees in English, Philosophy and Theology.
  • I really do like broccoli, but I am allergic to it.
  • Stupid people, like arguing stupid ideals. Argue intelligently!
  • If I could only go back in time…
  • I am not neutral about anything. In the end, I believe something.
  • Why do people insist on…?
  • My story, well, that’s a very long story, and it would take a lifetime to tell.
  • I have always wondered why golfers yell… FORE! Why not, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!
  • My favorite color – chrome. My favorite food – desert. My favorite car – 1969 Dodge Charger. My Favorite Martian – Uncle Martin.
  • Love Meg Ryan movies. I was infatuated with her. My all time favorite – Kate & Leopold (I know, it is a pink movie).
  • I did not read a book until I was twenty-six-years-old – Jesus of Nazareth.
  • In Junior High School, I ate thirty-three bananas, drank thirteen cartons of orange juice and thirteen cartons of chocolate milk (blended together), then I ate the cardboard cartons, all in the name of getting my name into the school newspaper.
  • I once nurtured butterflies from cocoons.
  • Vegetables are what food eats!

I Lived During

Black and white television, Apollo 11 – the first man to walk on the moon, the Cold War and nuclear fallout shelters, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, 11 presidents since Eisenhower, born fifty months after Albert Einstein died, 101 days separate Buddy Holly’s death and my birth, 23 months separate my birth and Ernest Hemingway’s death, Stan Laurel of Laurel & Hardy died five year after I was born, I vividly recall watching Charlie Chaplin movies; The Howdy Doody Show, Punch and Judy, Captain Kangaroo, and Gilligan’s Island, and Elvis Presley was (and still is) the King, computers were sci-fi anomalies, telephones had rotary dials and twisted tangled cords, a bus ride cost a dime, gas cost thirty cents a gallon, bread cost a quarter, milk was a dollar, and my mother would send me to the store with a note to buy her cigarettes. I wore bell-bottoms, rolled up cuffed jeans, had long hair, short hair, crew cuts, Mohawks, wore goulashes (rain or snow boots), jean jackets, army jackets, and let’s not forget the infamous earmuffs. And so much more…  (To be continued)

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