I am passionate about the Native Indian plight, my great-grandmother is a Native Chiricahua Apache. She has passed through this life, and I say she “is” Native Indian, because her beautiful spirit continues to live on through me, my siblings, nature, and the Creator’s design.

Raised on the south side of Chicago and the Logan Square area of Chicago, I was exposed to the turbulent lifestyle of Chicago’s adolescent gang scene. As a young teen, my family was fractured, my siblings and I were abandoned. I was forced to live on the streets. This is the time in my life when I learned the harsh, but true realities of street life.

Currently, I reside in DuPage County, Illinois. I hold an ABS in Biblical Studies degree in Theology from Moody Bible Institute, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and English Creative Writing from Elmhurst College. My passions include being versed in numerous musical instruments and I have a deep adoration for classic literature.

I have been featured on several radio and television broadcasts as well as many newspaper articles and magazine mentions. I have received accreditation from the Illinois General Assembly for my writing, and I have received the prestigious award of 2014 International Best Seller for my title Dr. H. H Holmes and the Whitechapel Ripper.

When not penning a new manuscript, blog or making an appearance on a television or radio show, I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle through country back roads. I am an active member of the American Legion/Legion Riders Post 1941 — LaGrange, Illinois, and the Chicago Writers Association (CWA).

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  1. A very interesting blog, Dane! I was wondering whether your Holmes’ Books were available in Germany as well? Unfortunately, I can’t find them here, which is a real shame because I’m fascinated by the Ripper case!
    All the best and keep up that good work!

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