4 comments on “Post Election Results: To Friend or Defriend?

  1. I have just been flabbergasted and appalled at how some have acted, during this election. Before the election on a thread, I was pointing out the truth in regards to some lies against our current president, and how they were putting the twist on somethings about Romney (these people were really out there on things). I was told that regardless of who I was for, I should still vote because it’s my right – well, this I know, duh, even if I am voting for Obama. I pointed out that I was not happy with either candidate we had to choose from, so I would be voting for the Independent candidate. So after being told I should vote, I was then told I should not vote for the independent. Why? Because they never win. Perhaps not, but it does show that a person voted, and that person’s vote went to someone other than Democrat or Republican. How sad people didn’t go to the polls because they didn’t like any major candidate, they could have done the same thing I did. Our two party system is old, it’s antiquated.

    Then I witnessed a woman that is 60 yrs old, attack a friend when she posted Tuesday night, the Obama was about to take the stage. This ‘God fearing woman’ verbally attacked my friend and the President, calling him the ‘N’ word, saying he should be shot and other things. When a couple of people said she sounded racist, she then proceeded to attack them the same way. Even as going as far as inviting one to her home, so she could ‘beat her down’. All of this from a grandma, who loves God, and rescues animals.

    I finally had to de-friend a person who was going a bit too far. He kept posting pictures of our flag, upside down, as well as several other things. Everyone has a right to be happy or unhappy over who was chosen, but when it comes to using images of our flag, upside down and repeatedly posting it, I also have the choice to remove that person from my friends list.

    I have also seen many Christians saying that America will know go to hell, because of this election. I wonder if any of them have given just a minute to reflect on things. God is supposed to be all knowing and all seeing. If that is the case, maybe, just maybe this is God’s plan. Maybe he thought/knew that Romney was not the right person to be guiding our Country for the next four years? Something to ponder, isn’t it?

    • Well, Tammy, I don’t believe God will condemn America based on the outcome of an election. However, He may decide to inflict a bit of Supreme justice on Mother Earth as a result of the way humanity has adopted a total disregard for His principles and has bastardized His Word.to fit their personal agendas. As far as defriending the person for the inappropriate behavior, perhaps you are doing them and you a favor. Clearly some folks refuse to accept change and will forever defend ignorance and prejudice, there’s no reason to allow the toxicity of their disease to continue to infect your life. Kudos for having the courage to follow your convictions in the face of adversity while making difficult election decisions, that’s what it means to be American!

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