2 comments on “Para-Drama & the Paranormal

  1. Again, well done! I left the paranormal field because of the drama. It was truly mind boggling and I just couldn’t deal with it. If you didn’t agree with them, then you were against them and so on. I do miss the investigating, although you are correct – it’s tedious and boring and the majority of the time you don’t find anything. However, when you do, it is a feeling that one can’t quite describe.

    After being in limbo for a year, I became very involved in animal rescue. The drama that is involved in animal welfare/rescue, makes that involved in the Paranormal look tame. I have never seen so much backstabbing in my life. The only ‘difference’ is that it is a little more grown-up. But not much.

    As far as FB, not only do I notice the ads on there that change (although I’ve had some really wild things show up there that are in no way related to my likes or posts), I’ve also noticed just when browsing different sites, the ads are ‘relative’ on there as well. Those that ‘air their dirty laundry’, in my opinion, wanting attention, and I will quickly move on.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs!

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