2 comments on “Sunday Saints ~ Monday Sinners: Church, Football, Taverns and Strip Clubs!

  1. Wow! You have just left me floored! Excellent, excellent writing! I applaud you!!
    I left the ‘Christian’ faith many years ago, because of just what you described. I can not believe that their God says ‘we should love everyone’ except for so and so, because they do such and such. It just never made sense why people in Church on Sunday were nodding and agreeing with what the minister was saying, and come Monday morning, they were doing that very thing.
    Again, I commend you, Sir!

    • Thanks Tammy,

      Just so I make myself clear, there are many reasons I left the church, these are the main reasons, which just happened to be the most prevalent at the time. Also, I may have left the church, but I still follow faith in the Divine, only now I follow based on a foundation, which is not polluted by faithless and wayward hypocrites. Thanks much for reading my blog.


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