15 comments on “Chip Coffey: Psychics, the Paranormal and Sensational(ism) Sales!

  1. Greetings Dane

    I did see your blog when it first came out, and I wondered how long it would take before Beatrice Marot came across it as well, and tried to take it over for the purpose of bashing Chip, along with the rest of us. She has a very nasty habit of doing that, although she has stated on several different sites that she has forgiven Chip, you can plainly see she has not.

    She makes many false statements in her comments, although she likes to call them the truth. Her biggest lie is that we have stalked her for the past 4 years. All one has to do is a Google search on her name and see that is absolutely not true. After encountering her on a blog that was written by a woman that Beatrice had not known before that time, I wrote one RipOff Report on her because she endlessly harassed me on MySpace. Even after asking her to please stop messaging me, she continued to do so.

    I also started a blog telling about her harassment not only to me, but to Tanila, Chip and a person that went by the name of Vamp on MySpace. That is another habit that Beatrice Marot has. She contacts people that show their support of someone that she hates, she sends them messages telling ‘her side of the story’ trying to sway that person’s way of thinking.

    After having this woman post my name in slanderous, derogatory manners over the last 4 years, I finally decided enough is enough, and I started my blog back up. I have documented where this woman has done exactly what I have stated she has done. I have screen shots of where this woman admits she has forgiven Chip in one breath, then bashing him with the next. Shots of where this woman admits that she has Google alerts set to her name as well as Chip’s – which I’m sure is how she came across your blog. I also have documented how very nasty and vile this woman can get, even though she claims to be a Goddess, a lightworker, and a High Priestess.

    Beatrice likes to claim that we ‘do Chip’s bidding’, however that could not be further from the truth. It is because this woman can not stop bringing my name up into her vendetta that she has against Chip.

    I won’t take anymore of your space, and take away from your blog, but again, since she has brought my name up, I only felt justified to tell my story. If you would like to see how this woman truly is, my blog is http://spiritchasertammy.blogspot.com/

    Happy Blogging!!

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

      I wish to say, I do not condone internet bullying. I find it despicable, tasteless and cowardly. I will not allow my blog to be used to harass or otherwise bully people. If it appears anyone is doing this, I will disallow comments, I do not wish to “bash” Chip or anyone, but I do use my blog to expose wrongs, that being said, I do it in a respectful manner and allow the recipient of any perceived negative or obligatory comment the freedom to rebut my opinion. Although I may disagree with an individual, I will never censure anyone’s comments as long as they are not using extreme profanity, as my blog is a family oriented blog.

      Again, thank you for your interest in my blog.



  2. Hi Dane,

    Dane, just so you know, Chip Coffey charged the exact same ridiculous amount of money on his website before he was ever on television when he was a phone psychic on Keen so his telling you that he charges what is comparable to other cons like Sylvia Brown and the rest of these rip offs is yet another big fat lie.

    And please do not be fooled by Chip’s response to you . . . he only did it because I wrote a comment and because he will take any opportunity to paint himself as anything but the lying, backstabbing, thieving, scumbag that he really is underneath his veneer of civility and like any sociopath he is very very good at it. He made me believe for two entire years that he was a good friend and now he claims we barely spoke. Plus apparently he is not that busy anymore . . . as he has plenty of time to write his lie ridden blog about me and more defamation and lies on Complaints Board calling me a racist, a homophobe and a stalker.

    And since I know that Chip will be reading this . . . like I know the sun will rise tomorrow. Be warned Chip . . . for the last four years, I have been on the defensive against your hillbilly granny posse of crazy bullies but from this point on, I am going on the offensive and there are so many offensive things about you . . . it could last awhile.

    And here’s the deal, if you don’t tell these psycho friends of yours to leave me alone this is what I am going to do. Starting tomorrow, for every single post they write, I am going to put the link to my blog on every single thread I can find about you one at a time.

    I have asked you repeatedly over the years to ask Tanila in particular to stop stalking me and you have chosen to let her continue . . . and your completely asinine claim that I am the one stalking you just shows not only that you’re a pathetic liar but that you cannot see past the end of your nose . . . much less into the future.

    You are not a psychic. You are not a medium. You do not serve anyone but yourself. You are a bad actor playing a lame character that is nothing at all like a real seer like myself. I told you you would be on television when you were wanking off on Keen at $3.99 a minute. You are a great con and a good cold reader and that is all you are and ever were and ever will be and you even fooled me so hats off to you for being a most excellent liar dude!

    And also, there is a television series already being pitched by an Emmy nominated producer based on the work that I do which is light years beyond your pathetic ghost chasing and as I was putting the finishing touches on my blog “Chip Coffey And His Cyber Bully Granny Posse” the producer wrote to me asking me if I’ve ever had any nutcases or religious fanatics come after me and I said . . . “Well, as a matter of fact, I have . . .” and I sent him the link to my blog.

    I told you Chip, your email saying “you applauded what Kimberly Glasnapp and Barbara Evans are doing to me” really pissed me off and I’m coming after you in ways that will make you head spin faster then Linda Blair in The Exorcist . . . by turning my whole experience into a made for TV comedy.

    And of course, I just sit here and it all comes to me . . . like magic. Merlin’s cool like that.

    Thank you so much Dane for allowing me to vent on your blog. You have yourself a wonderful weekend. All the best to you in all your endeavors, Bea

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  4. Hi Dane,

    I posted your link on a site where Chip claimed I wrote something nasty about him on your blog but of course, it was far from “nasty” and again just proves how Chip lies or exaggerates every single thing he says about me. I also could set my watch on how fast Tanila Price who is my number one stalker would jump in and write “Google her name”. She is a truly deranged bumbling old hillbilly and a good friend of Chip Coffey who is equally deranged for having such morons do his bidding. She has been stalking me and writing false rip off reports about me for four years and she is the one that wrote a false ripoff report that I took advantage of the elderly which is absurd.

    Dane, the depravity and lack of morals that defines Chip Coffey, Tanila Price and Tammy Alenduff knows no bounds. Tanila is so mentally handicapped she even comes onto my personal blog and writes, “Google her name” when she knows every single negative thing written about me was written by her and the aforementioned joined this last year by a vicious liar and proven animal rescue fraud Kimberly Glasnapp and and even more vicious illiterate trash talking Barbara Evans from Jamestown New York.

    Have a nice day Dane . . .

  5. Chip Coffey recently came out of hiding because I was contacted by the Dr. Phil show and told the producers the cyber bullying nightmare that I have gone through and just like I knew he would . . . Chip immediately posted a blog which is a work of fiction . . . and that is what compelled me to write my blog after enduring relentless harassment and now like a textbook sociopath. . . he is trying to make it look like I am the one that does what he and his friends have been doing to me for years.

    He wrote the following complaint. My best friend is Gay, I have dated and loved all races and I am not a stalker.


    5 hrs 38 mins ago by chipcoffey 0 Votes

    Beatrice Marot certainly spent a lot of time focusing on “more positive endeavors.”

    On September 30, a Google alert was issued about me (Chip Coffey), indicating that someone had posted something about me on the internet. Beatrice, who has, in force, a Google alert on my name, quickly trolled herself over to the website and posted a nasty comment about me, with a link to her blog that defames me and others.

    Beatrice will avail herself of any and every opportunity to malign me and others and yet she claims that WE are the ones harassing and cyberstalking her. In truth, we only respond when SHE goes on the attack.

    3 hrs 43 mins ago by The Truth101 0 Votes

    Chip, that is correct. After enduring endless stalking from Tanila in particular and Tammy who was recently called to duty BY HER MASTER WHICH IS YOU to continue her b.s. story trying to cover for you.

    I have for the first time in four years created my own blog in response to your ridiculous lie ridden fantasy version of what happened between us and you can expect more of the same. I now have a Google alert on your name just like Tammy and Tanila and no doubt you have one on my name. I know Tanila does which is why she gleefully jumps in on any thread she can find me.

  6. Google the name Beatrice Marot. She has taken advantage of several elderly people according to some things I read on the internet.

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  8. Mr. Ladwig:

    You begin your blog with the following statement: “Don’t take this as a bash against Chip Coffey the man. I have never met Mr. Coffey and I do not know him.” And from that point forward, bashing me and my work is precisely what you do.

    I am sure you assert that you are just “expressing your opinions” and you have every right to do so. I, however, assert that your blog was an overly critical personal and professional stab at someone you admittedly have never met, namely me. The blog is very harsh and judgmental.

    You state that “those who dedicate themselves to investigating the hereafter get a bad name from those who use the paranormal field for their financial gain.” May I ask if YOU are someone who does not require being paid for the work that you do? Will the book that you are currently working on, “which delves into the human condition as it relates to the afterlife,” be available to the public at no charge? And will the work that you do “with celebrated author Jeff Mudgett on an upcoming television broadcast(s) for PBS, the History Channel, Syfy, and the Discovery Channel” be done pro bono?

    I feel certain that you see the point that I am making. Most people need to earn an income. As a professional, I am most assuredly paid for the work that I do. I enjoy living indoors and eating daily, so I have been blessed with the God given abilities to do the work that I love AND support my financial needs, which, by the way, are NOT extravagant.

    You state “I do not believe a legitimate psychic, medium, channeler, or sensitive would consider capitalizing monetarily on an individual, or a situation, if he or she truly is genuine.” “Capitalizing” is a word that generally carries negative connotations, as it can indicate that one preys on others for financial gain. That is NOT what I do, Mr. Ladwig. What I do, in fact, is provide a service that certain others believe is valuable to them, not at all unlike the work performed by a minister or counselor or life coach. Your blog did not include feedback from individuals who have availed themselves of my *genuine* services, the vast majority of whom have been satisfied clients. (And yes, I have had a few dissatisfied clients, like any other individual, company or corporation that deals with the public, but not many.)

    I very much look forward to once again visiting Chicago later this month and seeing my supporters/fans who will be attending my event.

    Chip Coffey

    • Greetings Mr. Coffey,

      I would like to first thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog and then to send me a letter regarding the contents. You prove to be a respectful and considerate and sir, I will extend you the same courtesy.

      It is clear, you view my blog article as a direct attack against you personally and for that I would like to say sir, you are guilty by association. The “harsh and judgmental” opinion I have, shared by many throughout society, stems from a blemished point of view of people in your profession who have taken advantage of people for centuries.

      As I have never met you, there is no way for me to determine the validity of your “talents”, for all I know you may have a direct connection to the afterlife. My contention is; when people charge exuberant fees for seminars and lectures they alienate the common person.

      You seem to feel, per your letter, I expect you to “work for free”. Mr. Coffey, that is absurd. I agree with you, every human must provide a home for themselves and eat. When a psychic/medium charges $100.00 for a half hour (a common fee, one quoted when I inquired on a recent trip to New Orleans) to “read” an individual, I look at the numbers and I shake in my boots. That happens to be more than my union electrician, educated dentist, my doctor or even my surgeon charges.

      How can a struggling single mom, who may have just lost a child to war and she would like the benefit of a psychics assistance, afford these services. She cannot! Furthermore, a famous psychic, such as yourself, who talks of clients who have “availed themselves of [your] ‘genuine’ services” should be giving back to the people.

      To answer your question and address the previous paragraph, as an author, yes, I will be charging for my work. However, when I looked into your Chicago visit to the Congress Plaza Hotel, I realized the difference between the $106.43 package you offer and the $168.74 package is the ticket holder will receive a copy of your book, Growing up Psychic, which sells on Amazon for $10.00. I am wondering how you justify the difference of $62.31 in price for your book when purchased at one of your events?

      I hope my books are affordable, somewhere in the ballpark between $15.00 – $20.00. One thing I realize is, I am not in it for the money, I write because I have a passion for writing! In addition, A friend turned me on to a great idea, which I fully intend to employ. To all active service members of any branch of military, to all civil servants, who send me a request and their information, at my expense I pledge to issue a free copy of any of my works. It is called gratitude for those who serve and protect and paying it forward!

      Additionally, each book I write shall donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. The book I currently have coming out is donating it charitable proceeds to: The Noonan Syndrome Support Group, Inc. (a 501c3, nonprofit) P O Box 145, Upperco, MD 21155.

      Mr. Coffey, are you donating to show your gratitude to those who escalated you to the status you now enjoy? Your time? Services? Money?

      You were gracious enough to write me, thank you. Are you courageous enough to stand united and give? I invite you to join me on my local radio broadcast View From My Loft. We have a local following of 80,000 listeners, and I offer you the opportunity to address your audience.

      View From My Loft is a respectful, family oriented show, which features authors and writers. View From My Loft would be the forum you could show the world (well begin to show the world through Chicago’s audience), how Chip Coffey gives back. Offer a few lucky listeners free admission, a free book, or a reading.

      Chip, I refuse to pay the prices the venue is charging, however, offer me the opportunity to be proven wrong and I will publicly restate my position and rewrite a positive opinion regarding Chip Coffey and his “genuine” psychic services.

      On View From My Loft integrity is the number one priority. I vow to expose wrongdoing and also to elevate those ideals and people who are deserving. When an individual responds, they have the right to be heard and not censured, no matter if I agree or disagree – it’s a free world.

      Thank you Mr. Coffey and I do hope you consider my offer!


      Dane Ladwig

      • It is not my intention to create an ongoing dialogue between us, but I do feel compelled to comment on a few points that you made in response to my original post.

        You state: “The ‘harsh and judgmental’ opinion I have, shared by many throughout society, stems from a blemished point of view of people in your profession who have taken advantage of people for centuries.” As we both know, there are both good and bad practitioners in every profession. Good lawyers, bad lawyers. Good mechanics, bad mechanics. Good bloggers, bad bloggers. Good cops, bad cops. Those who lack skills and ethics tend to sully the good reputations of those who are skilled and ethical. Guilt by association. A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. Stereotypes.

        You question the fees that I charge for my services. I agree, my fees are not inexpensive. They are, however, very similar to fees charged by others of equal renown and, in some cases, far less expensive than fees charged for readings by other widely known psychics and mediums.

        Regarding the costs for admission to my Coffey Talk events and the differences between the two prices that you quoted: the higher price includes not only a *signed* copy of my book, but participation in the investigation/spirit contact portion of my program, as well.

        You asked: “Are you donating to show your gratitude to those who escalated you to the status you now enjoy? Your time? Services? Money?” Yes, in fact, I do, quite often, “pay it forward.” I volunteer with hospice and animal rescue organizations. (I have donated a considerable amount of money to save the lives of numerous animals who were either on death row or in need of urgent medical care.) I participate in fund raising events, pro bono, for various charities. I have paid the rent or mortgages of several friends who were running the risk of being homeless. I employ several individuals as sub-contractors to help me with my business and the income that they earn helps to support their families.

        I appreciate the generous offer you made for me to appear on your radio show. Perhaps, at some point in the future, I will take you up on that offer.

        All the best,

  9. I hear you . . . I am a devoted teacher, healer and extremely accurate Astrologer/Seer and I would never ever in a million years take advantage of others. I did a radio show about the relentless bullying that I have been through with a man that goes by the name Reap Paden. He did the funniest spoof of Chip’s site called http://www.chipcoffey.info and he just sent me this video he did. Reap is an atheist who was a Godsend to me. I have dealt with Chip’s demented grannies for four years by myself and it has not been easy. clip.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w-sFW6p3Dw&feature=youtu.be

  10. Thank you for writing this blog. You have made many valid points. I am an Intuitive Astrologer myself but I find it really is disturbing how much money some of these psychics charge especially when my chihuahua is more psychic then Chip Coffey.

    If you would care to read about the ongoing cyber bullying that this man has put me through, I have included a link to my blog devoted to doing damage control to the defamation of my character initiated by Chip Coffey.

    After enduring four years of cyberstalking from Chip and his completely crazy friends that do his bidding, I finally wrote a blog and just completed it last week about my neverending nightmare of non stop cyber bullying by Chip Coffey and his Granny Posse. http://cyberbullygrannyposse.blogspot.com/2012/09/chip-coffey-and-his-cyber-bully-granny.html

    • Thank you for your interest, Beatrice. My qualm is with ANYONE who feels the need to take advantage of, or exploit, people. There is just way too much hate and control over others being perpetuated these days.


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