4 comments on “Facebook Celebrates Cyber Crime

  1. Very good blog Dane and well written. I too encountered the exact same problem about a week ago with Facebook. I got banned from adding friends for 7 days. Yep, apparently I added a person which I don’t even remember doing because I rarely add anyone only accept, and he/she reported it. So without even sending me a message about it, they banned me. Now, in July alone, I paid Facebook $840 in advertising. I wrote them about being banned, how it was unfair, and about my ads. That was 9 days ago and I never received a reply. Bottom line, they are too big and don’t care.

    I didn’t know you are also disabled. I assume after reading my bio you know that I have AS. I’ve been taking prednisone for 14 years now and 12 x 20mgs of Morphine each day. It’s not easy trying to write when in chronic pain I tell ya. But, there’s always someone out there who is less fortunate than you and I so I feel Blessed that I can at least still walk. Cheers brother, RJ

    • Thanks, R.J. Facebook is really not too concerned as they are now a multi-billion dollar corporation. It looks like the stock is taking a huge hit though, and with any luck there are a room full of computer geeks in some garage somewhere designing a new social network, one that is more concerned with its audience and less concerned with padding its books and building checking accounts.

      As far as my disabilities, I have a heart aneurysm, diabetes and a defective hip replacement and hearing loss. But I refuse to give in and still go strong!


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