6 comments on “Help Me Out, Please ~ Maiden Voyage on the Radio

  1. Hi Dane,

    The previous comment gave you lots of good things to consider. Sounds like a radio pro. I didn’t notice the issues that were pointed out. I was mainly listening to how you presented your information, which I thought was pretty good for your first time. Yes, you stumbled, but media doesn’t operate on the formal basis of the old days, so you didn’t sound as bad to me as you probably did to yourself. And there was a minimum of ahs between words, which is good. If you could completely eliminate them it would be even better. There are some people (even professionals) I can’t listen to because of their starts and stops and ahs, etc. (there’s a word for that, but I don’t remember it). Your speech flowed very well for the first time.

    Also, you are real – no pretenses – and that makes you trustworthy to your listeners.

    All the best with your program, and I’m looking forward to listening.


  2. Okay to start with, are you married to that introduction medley? It makes me think of 70’s elevator music and I wasn’t even alive for the 70’s. My constructive critique on that is: kill it with fire. Moving on, you sound good, but you might want to check on the quality of your mic because there is some grainy underlay here and there. You meander a little bit from background to current events and happenings which became quite specific (and a little drawn out, to be honest). Then we were back to background. I’m going to say it would be good to pick 1-2 topics and stick to them, rather than the grab bag approach (though I know this was an intro-show so that’s different).

    Do you set up the graphics for these? Don’t get me wrong, you’re a hottie, but you might want to explore other options for that space graphically. Maybe a layout of what you are talking about in the show or a logo watermark when nothing is showing or other pictures – but you might want to go with a static picture rather than the shuffle, or a few pictures changed out through the half hour but there for several minutes at a time. Most people will be listening rather than watching though so I guess that’s somewhat secondary.

    Hope that helps

    • Katherine, thanks for the feedback, you’re awesome!

      You gave me much to consider. I will be playing with various intro medley’s until I can find one that works, if you hear one that sounds more appropriate in the future, be sure to point it out. I’m working on the mic issue too. Hopefully, future shows won’t reflect so much meandering as they will be more geared toward featured guest authors, books and such. As far as the graphics, I am kind of limited as the program only allows for so much. I am either stuck with a single static picture (yawn!) or the shuffle, unfortunately they do not allow me to regulate the speed of the shuffle. You gave me excellent feedback though.

      Thanks again!

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