9 comments on “Facebook Friends, To Add or Not to Add: The Dilemma

  1. I have 91 genuine friends and family on FB. Since publishing…yes, I have posted on FB to those friends and family…BUT, and this is awfully big ‘but’, I have been skeptical about pushing the FB envelope. I’m afraid of harrassing those loved ones to a point of getting unfriended. I take it to Twitter and LinkedIn more than FB. I am still on the fence with FB, and I appreciate your thoughts on this. But then, I look at it as the process of trying to build myself as an author…don’t be timid…be bold about it! I am torn.

  2. I cannot agree more. As a mother, and friend, I am mortified by not only the lack of responsibility with individuals regarding social networking sites but also the lack of filters people use. I like privacy, yet some graffiti their every problem, ailment and whereabouts. I am also rather concerned with children as young as five having Facebook pages. I have counted arund 50+ 4th graders at our local school who also have FB. There are so many critical issues that can result with the use of such. I am not sure Macgyver can solve these problems.

    • Hi Laundry Maid, I too agree. It is despicable when parents allow children the freedom to govern themselves on social platforms. The problem is not the child, it is the irresponsible parent. Glad to hear there are responsible parents like you out there. Thanks for your input and for reading my blog.


  3. Risk is Risk, You Never Can Be 100% Sure if the FB Friend is Straight Up, or a Freak in Hiding.
    My FB Friends Tend to be Many and Varied, Family, Neighborhood and School Friends, Writers of All Sorts, Artists of All Sorts.
    I Look Forward to and Enjoy The Many Opportunities to both Converse and Share with Folks Around The Globe-Widens My Scope of Thinking.

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