13 comments on “A Beautiful Person, Gone Too Soon… Never To Be Forgotten!

  1. I am sorry for your and the Randleman’s loss. I met Eric at college and we became friends, but, unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Randleman. From what those who knew her tell me, she was a truly remarkable woman.

  2. Thank G_d for the Time You Did Get To Know and Interact with this Person. What a Special and Wonderful Person She Sounded to be!
    I’m Sorry for Your Loss….

      • This came as a total shock to me to hear about my old friend Irene! I have been searching the web to try to find some of the people we knew together and saw your posting. I am hoping that your wife Denise is the same person that I also knew many, many years ago from Lee Wards. Irene was the maid of honor at our wedding and over the years we have unfortunetly not been in frequent contact other than an occasional Xmas card. I am hopeful that this message will get to Harry, Eric & Denise. I want to send my deepest sympathy to them. A great person has been lost but the angels are now doing a polka in heaven with the beautiful Irene leading. She will be greatly missed!

      • Hi Donna, Yes, Denise is the same person who worked at Wards. I’ve passed along your email address and she says she will send you an email. Indeed, we did lose a wonderful and loving person.

  3. Thank you for this post. I too loved Irene. I met her 25 years ago in Chicago, I was just married and landed a job in the art department she worked in. She took me under her wing and made sure this non-city girl didn’t get swallowed up. I now live in Wisconsin, but cherish our Christmas cards and emails. I have never met a kinder, stronger, faithfilled woman. I am so sad to have lost her, and my heart goes out to Harry and Eric.

    • Thanks Molly,
      Irene meant the world to Denise and I and we are devastated, and at the same time we are grateful we could share her in our lives. Harry and Eric will forever be our family, and on Irene’s loving behalf, we will help them through their pain!

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