10 comments on “Rewrite the Bible for Gay’s, Whose Bright Idea, You’ll Never Guess?

  1. First of all, I want to thank you for reading my blog and liking my post called “Motorcycles.” I sincerely appreciate your support and the opportunity to read your blog. I am a Christian who has gay family members and friends and I appreciate the entire tone of this entry to your blog. You didn’t attack, or get defensive, but just calmly stated a few facts. It always surprises me that so many people will argue over bible interpretation when many of them have never even picked up a bible and read it! I don’t have any statistics on that, but when people start telling me what they think about something in the bible or the bible in general, I always ask them when they last read it. I’m not a person who takes things “on faith” very easily. It is my nature to probe and question.The bible can be confusing and even frustrating which is why I’ve been in bible study groups for years. My studies and readings of this good book have always blessed me. I will enjoy checking out the rest of your blog. I haven’t been on mine for over a month, but that is because I’ve been traveling and spending some family time. My family gets tired of seeing the back of my head, because I’m on the computer so much! I need to start doing my blog on my iPad where I could at least sit in a park while I write! Kind Regards to you Dane!

    • Thank you, sjappleby! I do not feel there is a need to attack an individual for his or her choices or for what a person believes in. If it is one thing I have learned it is Jesus embraced his people, even if he disproved in their life choices, nor did he “force” anyone to believe in Him – that is the true testament to Gods love. I wish you well on your blog and look forward to future post.


  2. Jesus couldn’t have been a homosexual because he never made any reference to it (bare one possible exception, to which I still think it’s not), when he talked about sex, which wasn’t common, it was always between a man and a woman, and as God in the flesh, he simply couldn’t have a sexuality, that simple. Of course there’s the human element, but that’s part of His character too, Satan when he tempted Jesus, he was trying to put the human element into light, and Jesus getting a hold of Himself is what shows that He has exceeded His human element, therefore, He couldn’t have been attracted to anyone. First Mary Magdalene, now John? Really, people invent ridiculous claims all in the name of liberalism.

    • Alejandro, you raise a very interesting point… With all Jesus did raise, the many sensitive issues and topics, which went against the grain and He sacrificed His mortal life for, if He were homosexual, why would He not address that issue in His ministry, which would be within His character to do? Something to ponder. Thanks for your interesting insight!

  3. Good rebuttal. I’m sure if this fellow had wanted to address the ostracization of the gay community he could have interpreted a less ambiguous biblical passage about the validity of homosexuality. He may very well have hurt the cause by grasping for straws.

    • @ earthslang: That’s exactly right! The problem is not addressed properly, in my opinion it is not addressed at all. The problem is: the Christian church has walls up against the homosexual community. Unfortunately, the walls will not come tumbling down by making ill-attempts at proving (or disproving) Jesus’ sexuality, this particular tactic will only cause more tension and distance.

    • @freyamorel:
      You are correct; there are no references in scripture regarding the sexuality of Jesus. Some folks seem to believe they can take scripture out of context and/or make it fit their specific needs (it goes far beyond this topic). The “solid ground” I refer to is the thousands of years of Biblical principals and morals our society has based its foundation on i.e., moral principals, laws, customs, and religious principals.

      I hope this helps clear up any confusion I may have created. Thanks for pointing it out!

      • Surely if these years of solid morals are actually based around a PRESUMPTION of Jesus’ heterosexuality, we can now question them- society is evolving to a state in which heterosexuality is no longer a default assumption. I don’t see that it matters whether Jesus was gay or straight, but if people are using the uncertain idea of his heterosexuality as a basis for homophobia, as many are (gay marriage debate), I think this is wrong.

      • @ freyamorel:
        I don’t believe the issue of Jesus’ sexuality is the question (or the answer), nor do I believe it should be the central matter of debate. The problem is how people see one another in today’s society. If history has shown us anything, it is that organized religion places barriers where it fears and does not understand, hence the wall against homosexuality. The gay community is not welcomed into organized religion, hence the tension. Both sides need to embrace one another; however, as Jesus lived and portrayed Christians have a responsibility to act in a manner of love and acceptance – bar none.

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