3 comments on “Stone Recliner ~ Memorial of Tranquility

  1. I love this post! First, I love that the memorial is kind of cryptic, so you really stop and scratch your head. Second, I love that you don’t know if it’s positive or negative! Third, I love that it says PALS. yes, this whole post makes me quite happy. One of my favorite things I’ve ever seen in my life was in a graveyard. Mariachis at a funeral, in full outfit and playing graveside. now THAT is the way to go. I put that on my to do list. Thanks for the post!

      • 🙂 yep. Also another favorite memory is there is an old cemetery in Dallas, right off 75 at Lemmon. I used to got there when I lived there and the caretaker drove around very fast all the time (odd for a cemetery, eh?) in an old 70’s long grey oldsmobile that was the same color as the sky in winter. He always wore black and this long black overcoat and he was super tall and skinny. It was almost like someone drew him and that car, it was so surreal. I don’t think cemeteries are morbid. I think it’s peaceful. Cemeteries are awesome!

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