4 comments on “Any Idiot Can Write a Book…

  1. While I don’t think any idiot can write a worthwhile book, I do think there are quite a few idiots who do write books. The thoughtlessness being proportional to the soporific effect, and I’m not just talking about taste. I think Thomas Mann says something (and I won’t put it in quotes, because it’s far from verbatim) about writing being much harder for the good writer, because they’re trying to get it right. The corollary being that it might be easier to write if you’re an idiot; or maybe just less than a good writer. Could the good writer then, from one perspective (taste aside) be defined by integrity, presuming a facility with words and an understanding of craft. Over simplified, but for emphasis. As ever, the truth of things sits somewhere in-between.

    • Interesting perspective. I wonder if the inhibited nature of writers is paramount to the nature of writing or to the selective ideology. That is to say, I write selectively, thus I must write at a higher intellectual level, or I am writing at a higher intellectual level, thus I must write selectively. Very interesting!

  2. Thanks for linking to my post and understanding what I meant by that initial quote. While I don’t personally feel any difference between the phrase “writing a book” and “authoring a novel”, other than the definition of book and novel, I believe lots of people out there do. Whatever you choose to call it, writing is art as you say and I believe it should be enjoyed and respected for what it is.

    • Thanks to you for the article, sportsjim81! It offered the platform for a great discussion and a good story. No matter how you cut it, a ton of work goes into a manuscript, the people who have never tackled a project of such magnitudes have a difficult time comprehending the concept – understandably so. Good luck on your writing endeavor, it can become tedious and taxing, but the end result will be well worth the effort!

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