5 comments on “Internet Crooks: You Are the Beneficiary of $36 Million + U.S. Dollars

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  2. I too have recived this e-mail about 3 times now… All stating the same thing as I am due for my payout on my Endowment paln it is very frustrating to keep getting this even though I have flagged them in every way I can. I hope by sites such as yours that pople get that this is not true and do not fall victim. Keep up the great work!

  3. I keep getting the Nigerian Prince scam email. While you may have decided to have a little fun with them, they send millions of emails out everyday. And a few people are bound to send them money or bank information or whatever. All it takes is a little click and they can ruin someone’s livelihood.

    • beaufortninja, unfortunately, you are 100% correct. Although I have not been scammed by the e-mail culprits I have fallen victim to internet fraud in the past. To be vulnerable and defrauded out of hard-earned cash sucks! I hope I did not send the wrong idea in my article, I am not making light of the situation. I have gone to the authorities when I received such e-mail scams, to no avail, they do not want to be bothered. You are right, it only takes a click, the best click is to delete to the email and report it as spam mail. I must average two a week and it get frustrating. This latest one, and some others that stand out, are so absurd that I have to have fun with it or I would lose my mind over such travesty. I implore anyone reading this article to take this matter seriously.

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