2 comments on “Steaks or Vegi’s: Gods Take on the Subject

  1. The Bible is open to interpretation I guess…
    There are many traditional customs that are in the Bible that would not be seen today (I don’t take a turtle to my local Priest after my period, for example.)
    Surely Christians could equally assume that, because the evolution of food demand has rendered our relationship with meat unnecessary, we could take our duty of stewardship to the next level and stop eating it? I’m not saying this is the RIGHT interpretation, I am simply saying that large parts of the Bible are no longer applicable to society so Christians are no longer, in my opinion, obliged to take it so literally.
    This comment is intended as a discussion point rather than a condemnation- your post interests me so I thought I’d respond.

    • I appreciate your response, freyamorel. Actually, the bible is open to interpretation, that’s exactly what the council of Nicea was formed for; interpreting and creating the most suitable statement of beliefs and cannons of doctrinal orthodoxy, as well as, deciding the divinity of Christ. However, if the position of vegetarianism can be substantiated through biblical text, I have yet to find it. And yes there are many traditional customs, which were written for a different people, a different society, thousands of years ago, that I agree on. The issue does not come about with what is “right” vs. what is not right, the issue, as I see it, is how Christians who are taught through Christ’s example, to be empathetic, loving, and encouraging, and not to be condemning, damning, and insulting in efforts to exalt themselves above all others do not prctice what they preach, which turns off unbelievers.

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