One comment on “Defining The Moment

  1. Dane, first, I am so happy that you graduated from Elmhurst! We are both now part of an elite bunch known as “alumni”… LOL Secondly, this post really spoke to me for several reasons. I am really sad that your Dad said those cruel things to you. I know that feeling because up until I got into high school, my Mom had me convinced I was mentally challenged. And I also was an older student at EC so I know how sometimes, one could feel out of place. In addition, when I went back to college, my family thought I was just blowing my money, that I would never finish. And when I did finish and I heard my name, I felt that same feeling I am sure you felt. Like nothing could ever stop me. Because I succeeded when most others thought I would fail. I know that you will persevere in all of your endeavors, because you have had this experience and you can do what you set your mind to.

    PS. That chick at graduation who said she worked harder than you… Aside from being really rude and ignorant, she was wrong too. Most people get their degrees in their early 20’s and never really know life until they graduate. For older students, there are other responsibilities and problems. I won’t say that its not hard for young people to do their homework. College is hard. But its harder when you have to work, or take care of your family or your home. When you have to worry about rent and kids and all the other grown up things. That girl will find that all her special sashes and tassels will do little to help her in the real world.

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