One comment on “Harmonious Blizzard!

  1. Dane, I loved this story! So much fun in the snow. Fun that I don’t feel as an adult…

    But the part that was the most interesting was the distinction that you made at the end between the way people behaved in the 60’s versus how they behave now. I feel bad for those old peeps. In this day and age, it is hard to trust people. I had a story like that a few years ago when on my lunch hour, I hit the Jewel to get some things. There was an older hispanic lady with a little girl in tow and a couple of bags of groceries. They were slipping and sliding in the slush and you could see the desperation in the old lady’s eyes. She looked at me and asked if I could give her and her granddaughter a ride to the bus stop which was an intersection away. So I did. When I got back to work I mentioned off hand that it was really hard to walk around in and I gave the old lady a ride, my co-workers grew angry with me. She could have been a killer! She could have robbed me! Etc., etc…

    It was a greater risk for her, in my opinion. I am sure she approached me because I look hispanic and I don’t look like a killer, but in this day and age who can tell? She needed help and turned to me. And I was raised to help when someone asks. Its just a sad commentary on humanity that fear of our fellow human beings is being drilled into us. Its a sad world where Mr. Dane is not trusted. If its any consolation, I wouldn’t lock my doors if I saw you coming 🙂 And, unlike your sisters, I would have jumped into the snow!

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