2 comments on ““Tebow Time,” Fanatic or Crusader for The Cross: You Make The Call!

  1. Dane, a great read as usual! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you on several things. Just an FYI..I was a Muhammad Ali fan back in the day and did listen to him praising allah before and after matches and with me being a Christian it really didn’t bother me in the least. I was still a fan.

    I do not like the fact that Tebow is treated as the “Second Coming” as you put it and I have to commend him for realizing that all the hoopla can get to you and he still insists on giving God all the Glory. I respect that.

    Having had a son that was in the U.S. Olympics for soccer I saw everything you can imagine with new and very young players. Sadly, humility was not a trait that showed in most of the players character.

    I hope that as new and as young as Tebow is he will always give God the praise and Glory..win or lose or wheather he goes on to continue to play at the level he has been playing. I don’t believe in shoving Christianity down anyones throat but I also believe that if this is something that he strongly believes in and is passionate about he shold not hold back on giving God the praise. Just my two cents. Here is an interesting article I just read.

    Tim Tebow makes no apologies about it.
    He is a believer of Jesus Christ and even has his own patented prayer move.
    He makes a lot of Christians happy.
    He makes a lot of Christians nervous.
    I’ll admit, I have said a few times things like…
    “Take it down a notch Tebow.”
    My friends and I sometimes watch what he does through our fingers, as if watching a scary movie.
    He sings Lord I Lift Your Name On High on national television.
    He gets mocked on SNL for pulling the God card in every single thing he says.

    He prays to God to win a football game, as if somehow God cares about the outcome of the game.
    [stepping back from lightening bolt you real football fans think is about to strike]
    Kurt Warner, the former highest level offender, even took opportunity to tell Tebow to turn it down a notch…

    Then yesterday happened.
    I was suddenly proud of Tebow.
    I was like… “Look at that great Christian role model! I’m a fan!”

    I’m such a #$@@* hypocrite.
    So no. I’m not embarrassed by Tim Tebow.
    I should be embarrassed by Carlos Whittaker.
    My embarrassment is not about Tim Tebow. It’s always about ME.
    What people will think of ME.
    Because no matter how cheesy…
    No matter how brash…
    He is 100% more open about his faith on a daily basis than I am.
    The nervous feeling that we get is not wanting him to embarrass US as opposed to Christ.
    Truth is…Christ is more embarrassed by Christians who are embarrassed by Tim Tebow, than anything Tebow will ever do.

  2. Dane, as always, your post is full of many interesting points and insights. And I agree with you about the way the younger quarterbacks are getting recognition that I am not sure is deserved at this point in their careers.

    As for the Tebow AKA Football JC, I find the hoopla absolutely disgusting. There have been many players that are deeply spiritual and thank God. They also make sick crazy plays that make you do double takes. Get over yourselves peeps. Tebow is not the Second Coming.

    Just my two cents worth. 🙂

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